Do you have to have any racing experience?
This experience is ideal for anyone that has some driving experience (just driving your own car on the street will do!). You do not have to have any racing experience at all.

Do I need to have a Driver’s License?
You do not need to have a Driver’s License however you must know how to drive a car and be comfortable behind the wheel.

How old do you have to be?
We would like participants to be at least 16 years of age. Note that Minors (Under 18) must have a Parent’s Waiver signed (this waiver is provided by the Raceway).

Do I have to sign a waiver?
Yes! All Participants must sign a Liability Waiver acknowledging that they assume this activity under their own risk.

My Kids have been driving on the farm, can they still take part in driving in the Race Car Experience?
We may make exceptions from time to time however this is on an individual basis and must be approved by the EIR Instructor.

What is the minimum & maximum height?
The EIR NASCAR Test Drive Cars are built to accommodate different heights of participants, the seats can move forward and our EIR Test Drive Staff will provide extra “backing” in order to move the driver closer to the steering wheel and pedals for shorter drivers and the seats can be moved backwards as well to accommodate longer leg length.

What if I can’t fit through the window to get into the car?
We can accommodate those that are unable to physically enter through the Driver’s window. We have built a car specifically for that purpose with a window/door that folds over for easier access.

Can I share the 15 Laps with someone else?
It is not possible to share the 15 laps as the 5 laps are for warm up and then at speed for 10 laps, you will not want to share those laps!

I understand 2 Event Tickets to a Saturday Night Race Event are included, do I have to use those the same day that I take my Test Drive Experience?
You can use those tickets for any Saturday Night regular race event (excluding only the NASCAR Canada NAPA 300 Special Event).

I received this as a gift two years ago, can I still use it?
We do put an expiry date on the certificates to encourage you to use it within the year, however we never let these expire. If you are unsure, please reach out to Loretta at speedway@syban.net to ask directly.

What kind of car will I be driving?
The EIR Races used for the NASCAR Test Drive Experience are fully built race cars, they have a race car chassis and fiberglass bodies, very similar to the cars you would see at a NASCAR Cup Race on TV.

Are the cars chipped to slow them down?
They are not. However the Instructor (in the pace car) and Flag Man will monitor your driving, if you are hitting cones or moving up in the corners, the Instructor will slow down to allow you to regain your position. If you are handling the car well and not hitting cones, moving up in the corners and maintaining a solid 2 car length behind him, he will continue to speed up. This will be discussed in the Instructional portion of the session.

Is the Test Drive Safe?
If you follow the directions of EIR Staff and your Instructor, the EIR NASCAR Stock Car Test Drive can be very safe.

What happens if I crash?
If you follow the directions of the Instructor and EIR Staff and don’t drive faster than you can handle the car it is very unlikely that you will crash. However it can happen. If you crash, you are responsible for the repairs.

Is there Insurance I can buy for this experience?
There is not insurance to cover a race car on the track.

How much time does it take for the Experience?
We ask you to arrive about 10-15 minutes before the start time to allow for signing in. The Instructional portion (walking the track with the Instructor) takes about 1 hour and then depending on the number of participants, count on being at the track for a total of about 2 ½ to 3 hours.

How fast can I go?
These race cars do not have speedometers therefore we do not gauge your experience by how “fast” you go. The purpose of this experience is to give you the idea of how it feels to “test drive” a race car on a race track. However, you are encouraged to drive at a speed that you feel comfortable with and one that you will maintain absolute control of the car at all times.

Is there food amenities at the race track?
EIR has food concessions and is fully licensed.

Do I need to bring anything?
Yes, please ensure you wear a closed-toe shoe. If its warm, you can wear shorts as you will be given a race suit for your drive.

Do I get to choose the car I want?
All of EIR’s Test Drive cars are identical, the only difference is the size of the seat and accommodations for the driver. EIR staff will put you into the car that fits you the best for your size.

How do I purchase a Test Drive Experience?
These can purchased ONLINE anytime during the year. They make great gifts for any occasion, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – for any special day!

What if I don’t like to purchase items online, is there another way to purchase?
Absolutely! Simply email Loretta at speedway@syan.net with other options which could include E-Transfer, Credit Card over the phone, purchase at the Raceway. We work very hard to accommodate all of our customers!

How do I book a Test Drive Experience?
All Test Drive Experience Packages must be purchased before you can book the experience. Simply book online at this link or email Loretta at Speedway@syban.net to book or call 780-467-9276 to book.

What happens after I book?
You will receive an email confirming your booking (if you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please follow up at speedway@syban.net). Once your Test Drive
Booking date is confirmed, we will reach out to you again, typically the Monday before your weekend's booking and we will provide additional information for your Experience such as what to wear, what time to be there and other important information you will need to know regarding your session.

I am too old to be thinking of driving a race car, don’t you think?
This experience is very much tailored to your ability. We have had guests participate in the Test Drive that are over 90 years of age. If you feel you can take part, our Staff will work with you to make this experience happen!

What if it rains on the day of my Test Drive Experience?
If it rains and the track is wet, we cannot conduct the Test Drives on a wet track. If you live further away from the track and the weather forecast is not favourable for your booked session, you can rebook anytime. If it is raining a few hours before your session and the weather radar indicates it won't let up, you will be notified by email and the status will be posted on EIR's Website Page. You will also have direct contact with us through cell phone (which will be given to you in your confirmation email) and you can call that number to speak directly to EIR Staff at the Track to check on the status of your Test Drive. At times it can be raining only minutes away from the track but dry at EIR. If it rains while you are at the track, we always have you rebook to another date. 

I have a back injury, would you recommend me driving a Test Drive Stock Car?
This would be a decision that you would have to make with your Physician. We cannot recommend something that might be physically dangerous to your current health.

Can I bring my family?
Absolutely! When you come to EIR for your Test Drive ANYONE can watch you, there is no charge. They will not be allowed in the Pit Area during the Experience however from their view point in the Grandstands, they will be able to see everything. They are also welcome to come down to the pit area after the entire test drive session is complete.

Will be able to race against other drivers?
No, each participant is on the track “one at a time” following the Pace Car. This allows each person to be able to drive at their own comfort level without having to worry about passing or others cars on the track.

Can I drive with an International Driver’s License?
You most certainly can. In fact, you do not have to have a Driver’s License to participate in EIR’s Stock Car Test Drive Experiences however you MUST know how to drive and operate a car.

Do I have to be able to drive a manual transmission?
All of EIR’s Test Drive cars have automatic transmissions. We want you to concentrate on driving and handling the oval raceway without having to worry about shifting gears. We also do not want to leave anyone out of this experience because they do not have experience driving a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Can I have a passenger when I take my Test Drive?
No, EIR race cars do not have a passenger seat.

Can someone record my test drive?
You are welcome to invite someone to film your experience. We also allow Go Pro’s in the car but you would have to ensure you bring a mounting device as well.

Can I have a group come out and do a Test Drive Experience for my Birthday?
Absolutely! We can host private groups for anyone and any occasion however you just need to have at least 10 Guests to book a private session. You can reach out to Loretta at speedway@syban.net to book your own session.

Can I book a Company Team Building Test Drive Event?
Corporate Team Building Test Drive Experiences are very popular at EIR and something our Staff really excel in! You can book throughout the week, during the day or an evening, whatever works for you. After your Test Drive Experience our excellent catering staff can put together a fun BBQ Meal for everyone to wind down and have great conversations about the fun the had!

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